Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grumpy Birthday To Me...

.Blah, the weather's gone back to grim and  grizzly after a few nice, crisp, bright days. I really didn't fancy  doing my jerks and stretches in the park, but managed it, and then schlepped to the launderette, had a coffee, and went to Sainsbury's  as they seen to have the best value  monkey nuts for the critters, only today they didn't have any.
Oddly, a white-haired  man said 'Good Morning, my dear' warmly, as I stumped along, and then , a bit later, another geezer, with a white beard, said 'I hope yhou have a lovely afternoon'  Rather unusual, but it certainly beats people yelling.  'Yaaaah! You fat old dyke!'  or something, which I'm more used to.
I'm also VERY pleasantly surprised that  some kind souls donated money to my FB birthday fundraiser for CRISIS. That is really supercool. I wasn't expecting to raise anything, especially at this time of year.
Yesterday's hospital visit was just routine bloods, etc., thank gods. I had been frit they were going to whisk me in for a hiatus hernia op, straight away. Whew! There's still no solution to the 'reflux' misery, though. Glug.
I'm told there may be a 'barium meal'  in my not-too-distant future, which doesn't please me, but I've heard that apart from it being disgusting, there's no real unpleasantness, so OK.



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