Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

OoohLa La...

Nasty chill wind; looks like more rain later, which is good , in a way, since some local oafs were letting their big , rowdy dogs pee all over the arm press seats. Yuck.
I was dreaming about Paris last night, as it used to be. I found it quite romantic, back in the day, but it's changed, like everywhere else...
Here's a belated Throwback Thursday photo, anyway; must be over 40 years old, on my first visit... I found the windows of posh patisseries almost  as aesthetically enriching as the Louvre...In the dream, it was  all leafy and clean, as it probably never was, with lots of splendid Art Nouveau houses, where elegant ,refined people lived. They were all quite friendly to me. Very pleasant.


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