Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Been watching the series of Stephen King's THE OUTSIDER, which so far isn't very interesting, and has no subtitles, so I can't hear it that well. Still, I sit there like a melon, watching it, and similar stuff, when there's so much that needs to be done.
Annoyingly, it was too wet to exercise this morning, so I didn't go to the park until about two, which always makes it feel even more of a wasted day. Well, at least I did go out...
I'm all in a fluster about this Windows 7 business. They sternly advise you to get a new PC, to upgrade  to 10 properly, otherwise you lose your protection, etc. Huh... I'd like a new PC. Mine's about ten years old, but I can't afford one, and I need a big screen, which is rare these days. Duh.
Thanks to my old pal who always generously sends me book tokens for Christmas & birthday, I'm gonna get THE BOOK OF WEIRDO, and volume one of MY FAVOURITE THIMG IS MONSTERS. Yeah!


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