Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Deceptive Appearances...

Quite a spectacular tale all over the papers about this guy who may be the most prolific rapist the UK has ever seen. He's thought to have had well over 90 victims...He lived very near several busy clubs in Manchester, and would go out late at night, accosting confused drunk guys 'helpfully', then drugging them in his flat and filming himself raping them. Well, at least he doesn't seem to have actually killed anyone. It's pretty incredible, though. Perhaps the weirdest thing is I can't imagine anybody ever imagining that this Reynhard Sinaga chraracter was anything other than  a cheerful little student. He's got a proper 'butter wouldn't melt 'face, no tell-tale glint in the eye or anything. Jeez Louise...You really never do know when you might  bump into some fiend.

Later continued the theme of deeply weird people by watching the first of two documentaries about the Jonestown massacre. Now Jim Jones did  have a strange and sinister aspect, but he certainly must have had some powerful charisma, too, to enslave all those people and get them to kill themselves. Brrrrr!

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