Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

So Here It Is, 2020...

Another misty, murky, dismal day. Meh. I really didn't want to get up this morning. Thank the gods this cast should come off on the 8th. It's really making my depression a worse burden than usual.  I'm still considering  trying to get a cleaner to do a deep clean; get the place back into some sort of order. I can't afford it, but I really can't live like this. I still have the chore of clearing out as much crap as possible first, though, and can't manage that, at the moment.
Last night was the usual New Year's Eve. Moon was a bit startled by the fireworks, but  was quickly soothed. She's generally pretty laid back about them.
I've started doodling a little strip of one of the last dreams my dead friend JC told me about. It will have to wait until I can draw/write  a bit better, though.
Mostly, as usual, I watched TV.
THE TRIAL OF CHRISTINE KEELER  is very interesting. I vaguely remember the hooha at the time. Strange to think those girls were only a couple of years older than I was. Everyone really looked so middleaged in those days.
I've always felt sorry for Stephen Ward, although he was a sleazy spineless voyeur and all, he seemed basically OK; he didn't do anything out and out evil, and it was disgusting how all his rich perv 'friends' dropped him when the shit hit the fan.  Actually, another of my late friends lived in one of those mews houses near his for  a few months, years ago. It was quite an interesting place. Posh, but  old-fashioned-'trendy' , complete with a 'conversation pit.'  We had fun there, but no orgies with Prince Phillip or anything...
EASENDERS is really on a delerious high at the moment. Linda has suddenly become an alcoholic, and knocked back about four bottles of vodka last night. Seems she got involved, on her last bender, with the Keanu 'murder' plot, and  the increasingly guilt-crazed Martin is menacing her to keep her gob shut,  Honey seems to want Billy back, but he's now 'with' super slut Karen...and what's going to happen to Sharon's impending baybee, now that Phil knows, and has cast her into the outer darkness?

Doodlediary: R Next Door Drops in to say 'Happy New Year'...


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