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Profoundly sickened by the news of a knighthood for the loathesome Iain Duncan Smith for his cruel and idiotic feats in charge of the  DWP.

As is common at this strange 'twixt holidays time, I feel confused (What day is it?) , bloated, and jaded.  The lack of exercise and fresh air in the past movement-compromised weeks seems to have greatly debilitated me, too. It's scary how very quickly you lose 'condition'.
My main activity, of course, has been streaming, and generally gawping at telly . There wasn't really a lot to see. Surprisingly, the highlights were kiddy spectactles. PADDINGTON 2 was as delightful as the first film. It's weird how a completely fabricated CGI creature can inspire such affection. 'Paddington' really moves me, more than most human actors.
WORZEL GUMMIDGE was surprisingly good, too. I'd never looked at the 70's version, and had no desire to watch this. I just had it on as 'background', but found myself getting involved, and rather charmed. It had a nice, not-too-heavy ecological  message, and a gently spooky wildwood buzz.
The new CHRISMAS CAROL started out very well, but soon frittered itself away, with just too much going on. I did like Andy Serkis'  creepy Christmas Past. Tiny Tim had the best line. Confronted by the reformed Scrooge, he peeped 'Is this what happens when people drink laudanum?'
I've been following WITCHER, which is shamelessly silly, and suffers from all the timeywimey jumping around, but is really good, undemanding fun.
I also caught AVENGERS:ENDGAME last night. Good final battle, but I wasn't terribly involved. Drunken Thor was rather cool, though.

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