Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Another Old Lady Day...

In my pit until eight; just didn't want to get up. Listened to BOOK OF THE WEEK;Tove Jansnsen's letters, then to Coffee Lovers to write down my dreams, then Sainsbury's to get some more of that pricey cheese, then back indoors. What larks.
Over the weekend, I finally finished season 8 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which was shite. It went off ages ago, but once I've started a series, I'm kind of inclined to stick with it, as with books. Silly.
Hadn't actually spoke to anyone in days, then ran into R Next Door, who just wanted to complain about the people who set their dogs on the squirrels, (Scumbags!) and spout one of her long passive aggressive musings, full of thinly veiled insults. Can't be arsed.

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