Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


THE KING got pretty lukewarm reviews, but while I'd have preferred Shakespeare, IMO it was quite decent on the whole, and I loved Robert Pattinson's cartoon dauphin.
I'm so sorry I missed that farewell exhibit at the .Feminist Library yesterday. I've been feeling so drained and wobbly, though, since the tooth extraction. I was afraid of just fallimg over  in a crowded place. Shit, I'm lame...Tomorrow I have another feckin' hospital appointment, blast it.  More 'reflux' stuff.
James Kochalka's AMERICAN ELF strips have been cheering me up considerably. They're terribly twee and soppy, but I love 'em.
I ate a grotesque amount of Sainsbury's cheddar with truffles  (urp!) and then gorged on Maltesers! Sheer ennui and depression.
Still, I didn't barf, so maybe the new meds are helping. Also, I now wear size 20 jeans, which  I haven't since I was about 16. (Yes, as R Next Door endlessly reminds me, I'm 'still Huge! Enormous!!!', but fuck it. I never wanted to be thin.)
It's starting to get extra-blowy outdoors, and it was already  pretty wild ths morning.


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