Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bad People...

Watched the last hour of THE IRISHMAN, and quite liked it. The epic length didn't really bother me.
I do like a good gangster tale. I was just thinking the other say, about how much in the news they were, when I was a little kid in NY, Most days, on the front page of the DAILY NEWS, there'd be a grainy photo of a corpse under a bloody sheet, the latest whacked Wop; or a shot of Jimmy Hoffa snarling. Of course, I found it all morbidly fascinating. After school. I used to be sitting on the carpet drawing, or faffing with my toys, while my mother watched the hearings, and this gun moll, Virginia Hill would appear in big hats and furs, looking cool. I used to put on my mother's lippy, use a coke bottle for a microphone, and  act out her testimony!
I used to love the old B&W films about 'hoods', too. especially Jimmy 'Top o' the world!' Cagney.


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