Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dementia Rules...

After all the  lengthy stress at the Fracture Clinic, I was feeling quite morbid...musing on how  all this medical agony all of a sudden might well be The Beginning Of The End, and what a limited, wasted life I've led; my crapness is the arts, my poverty and degraded working life, the army of  crazyass, and often phycologically sadistic boyfriends, my total isolation now, that my body is really falling apart  Baw Yubba!  Wild Selfpityparty!
Yesterday, I felt a bit more sane, and managed, with great awkwardness and discomfort, to get the trolley just over the road, to the overpriced Co-Op, for a few essential bits, then walked through the park to greet  the squirrels and crows. I  did some leg presses, too, as they don't involve arms. I was knackered by it all, but it  gave me a glimmer of hope that a shared room in a Home may be a few years off yet...
The Labour manifesto  sounds pretty good, wibbly BREXIT stance aside. It may be unaffordable, but, as has been pointed out, we just can't afford NOT to do all this stuff.
More time gawking at the Fool's Lantern than usual, (anf that's far too much-) I was just starting to get into the odd new WATCHMEN when the series finished. Watched a film, THE LITTLE STRANGER, after another bestseller I haven't read. It wasn't scary, but intriguing, and well mounted.
WAR OF THE WORLDS has never done much for me, in any version. I find it, and the Tripod attack machines rather dull. This new BBC one is rather entertaining, though.


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