Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Walking Wounded Again...

This busted right wrist is going to be a bummer; t's so difficult to do anything. Losing the use of the left was bad enough...I'm more off-balance than usual, can't type properly, write or draw properly, or zip my jeans up. Bum. Thank the gods it's not worse, anyway...
Got back from the hospital and went into telly collapse mode. I watched the first chapter of THE CROWN 3...a bit boring after Randy Andy's spectacular interview. There were very good documentaries on the history of the NY Met, and Ursula Le Guin, last night. The opera one was particularly engrossing, , especially all the stuff showing the old theatre. It was a crime to tear it down. It should have been kept for posterity, even though it was totally outmoded. I remember they were selling bits on a stall in the street when it was demolished. I wanted to at least get a brick, or something, but I'd no money at all.
Rudolf Bing was on the scene dock at Brooklyn College for some reason, while I was working there, and made a nice remark about a shield I was painting  He was known to be a terror, but I found him very pleasant.
Saw part of a Channel 5 stinker, THE GOOD GIRL'S GUIDE TO KINKY SEX. Jeez Louise... It advised couples to do stripteases for each other, try nipple clamps, edible knickers, etc. ( Druther 'die in a ditch') There was also a tutorial on rimming.
Can't exercise properly for weeks, now. I'm gonna get  extra-feeble.


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