Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

"The Golden Years Stink"...

Hi ho, been having a bit of a week, with all the medical stuff. In addition to the oesophagus lesions, the wonky lymph nodes and the  8mm nodule on my left lung, they've noticed a polyp in my bowel, which needs to be removed. This means the second endocopy will be done at the same time as a colonoscopy. After the last ordeal, I'd really prefer to be knocked out, but since I have nobody to escort my drugged - up person home and 'look after' me until I come round properly. I'll have to just endure it with the local, which wasn't much help the last time. Fucking hell... What a dismal palaver. Of course, with the state of the NHS I shouldn't complain. i'm lucky to be getting all these horrible appointments, which might serve to lengthen my wretched life, if they don't kill me.
Thank the gods there's plenty of good trash on telly to divert me. BRITANNIA, THE TERROR 2, HIS DARK MATERIALS, SPIRAL, GOLD DIGGER, and the curious GIRI/HAJI  are all very diverting. The upcoming WAR OF THE WORLDS and VIENNA BLOOD also look promising.
I'm really enjoying  the bargain copy of James Kochalka's AMERICAN ELF I snaffled for £2.00 the other day. Super stuff; so simple, yet so absorbing.


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