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Was pleased that I'd arrived at the Coli in plenty of time for the rehearsal, only to discover that they'd put the time ahead half an hour. Grunt. I shuffled about, looking at the shops on New Row. There used to be a hodgepodge of little places, that have nearly all been turned into cafes. One or two of them seemed attractive, but  really, it's a bit much. There's also a sweet shop, with items from the USA at jaw-droppingly absurd prices.
Anyway, ORPHEE was very good, although I do find that Glass' more recent operas lack some of the numinous quality of earlier ones, especially the sublime AKHNATEN.
The design, lighting and video effects really worked well, I thought, but again the entering the mirror stuff wasn't as effective as in the 1950 film. The cast did well with the music, which must be pretty hard to sing, and the orchestra under Geoffrey Paterson was fab.
The audience seemed enthusiastic, and I reckon it was definitely the most impressive show of the ORPHEUS season.

More medical tsuris ...they now want to give me another endoscopy AND colonoscopy ( they plan to remove a polyp from my bowel!) at the same time, and because I've nobody to look after me and get me home, etc. I'll have to have it/them without proper anaesthetic. It's all so complicated, too . One department doesn't seem to know what the others are doing, etc. Still, I'm lucky to be getting appointments at all, with things the way they are. Meh.

 I took in the Taylor Wesson Portrait Award show at the NPG. I must remember to go there a lot before they refurbish the place, and probably strip its soul away.
As usual, it was pretty ordinary. I was impressed by Pat Martin's stark photos of his seriously ill mother, though.

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