Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Proper Chilly Saturday...

Never did get my RADIO TIMES this week, and was forced to purchase one of those manky imitations in the supermarket. Bah. I'll have to ring them to get an extra week on my subscription in recompense.
Got a letter from the hospital that states that in addition to the enlarged lymph nodes, they need to investigate an '8 mm nodule in the base of the left lung'. Holy fucking shit, it gets better and better...
I'm glad I resisted the urge to take up  e-smoking, tempted by the variety of 'flavours', and as a 'harmless' alternative to actual fags, which I used to enjoy.
There are quite a few scary reports coming out  stating it can be pretty harmful indeed, though.
EASTENDERS  sillyass teens Tiff and Keegan ran off to Scotland to get married. The  Sharon/Mel mutual blackmail war is building up for a major kaboom, for the festive season, no doubt, along with the domestic abuse scenario chez Chantelle.
I'm not really into WATCHMEN so far. It seems to have very little to do with the original. Jeremy Irons is obviously having fun, and is entertaining, but his character doesn't seem much like Ozymandias as I remember him. Of course I read it all when it first came out aeons ago, and don't remember that much. I'm pretty sure that Rorshach, although he was quite mental, and sometimes over-reacted somewhat in his dealings with baddies was not a racist fascist, though. Why do the ultra-right  extremists wear imitations of his mask?
I'm trying not to binge out on BRITANNIA, which promises to be as mad and brill as the first season.



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