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Did a fair bit of walking, as it hasn't rained so far, but it's getting a bit threatening, now. The park squirrels and crows are getting really stroppy. Lots of chasing and pecking each other to steal nuts. There's one little devil who tends to climb up my leg when I'm on sit-down  'machines' . He siezed the nut so frantically that he bit my thumb. Hope I don't get rabies, now. They're getting quite plump for winter, with all this gorging, and they're industriously  storing some of the nuts, too. (I think the crows nick most of them, though.)
Watched EL CAMINO, which follows the story of Jesse, after the events of BREAKING BAD. It was good, but not great.
I'm not sure if my leg is fixed or not. It's still fatter than the other one, and there are some scabs left. It's certainly improved, though.
Still struggling to clear stuff out, but I'm just not coping well.
The current SPIRAL case is not the most engrossing they've had, but it's still a lot better than most stuff on TV. Looked liked Laure and Gilou were drifting towards reconcilliation, but it's all fucked now. I certainly hope that if Roban must be retired, he gets to go off travelling with his new squeeze.
I've got the heebie jeebies as another visit to Kings looms at bloody 9AM tomorrow, to discuss my digestive malfunctions. Heaven help me. I'm praying it's nothing serious, and doesn't involve 'procedures'. I'm having enough trouble  functioning as it is.

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