Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Disintegrating Brain Blues...

Another huge struggle to get out of bed.  Not too many squirrels downstairs this morning, they must have been sleeping in, too.
Picked up the laundry, and had a very embarrassing moment where I forgot what you call 'cash machine', and stood there going 'Do you have...Uh...uh..uh...' while the women looked at me with alarm. I've always had such moments, but they're really increasing. I'm certain it's the start of dementia. My mother had it, and her mother. Not a pleasing prospect.
Still liking DUBLIN MURDERS, but finding it a bit baffling at times. (Another symptom of gagahood?)
CATHERINE THE GREAT was disappointing, except for the final episode, which I actually found rather touching.
Got a couple more Inktober quickies into the scanner, all lopsided, of course.

#Inktober / Doodlediary:

Tags: #inktober

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