Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

I'm Walkin'...

...Yes indeed. First  I exercised, then got a bus to 'the real Tate'  on Millbank. where I took in the William Blake show. (Bloody £20, unless you have an Art Card, and concession, which, luckily, I do.) It's a huge exhibit, and ,alas, quite crowded. With many of the pieces being wee, it was difficult to get a decent look, with everyone squeezing around. Oh yes, and there was , of course, a shrieking toddler in a pushchair... Still, it was good, and would have been great if you had the place to yourself. I walked home, then,  pausing for a  seasonal Pumpkin Spice confection at Starbucks. That's the only drink they do that I quite like. Anyway, I'm knackered now. Have been on my feet, if not exactly walking , for nearly four hours. I reckon that's enough for the day. The leg aches a bit, but that's 'normal'. When I finally got indoors, I had a massive sneezing fit and a nosebleed. Glad that didn't happen in the museum.
I've not read the Tana French novels, which are so well-regarded, but DUBLIN MURDERS started off intriguingly. I do like my mysteries with an element of woowoo....

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