Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Wet, Windy and Bloody Warm...

Damn crazy weather. I'm supposed to walk as much as possible, so went out this morning when it was chilly and wet. Then, in 20 minutes, it was so hot I had to shed my coat. No wonder I've got this bloody cold (like everyone else.) Bum.
As for my 'radiofrequency ablation', the leg is really swollen, and I had some pain in the night and early today. (Second day is supposed to be the worst, though, and if that was as bad as it gets, I'm grateful. Didn't need painkillers.) I can do my usual 'flailing' tomorrow, and I'm supposed to carry on walking as much as I can.
I can even take the bandage off tomorrow, and just carry on using the compression stocking. A far cry, I'm told,  from the old-fashioned 'stripping' procedure.  Fingers continued crossed for a good result.
I'm chuffed to see that SPIRAL ( 7  ) is back, to provide the ideal Introvert's Saturday Night, with the lovely Judge Roban still around to ogle,too. Awwww, and I do hope Laure and Gilou can work things out..

Inktober Catchup Quickies:


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