Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dreadfully Brilliant...

I took a notion to go to the pictures, today, although I can't afford it, really, even on OAP days, and generally wait  for streaming. Still, it had been ages, and the Picturehouse was showing JOKER, which I was curious about.
When I see crits like  'A masterpiece', 'Instant classic!' quoted on the ads, I'm always quite dubious, but it fucking is, honestly!  It's one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen, and brilliantly done. I've always reckoned Joaquin Phoenix a good actor, and he really makes a meal of this gift of a character. Must mention the score, too, which  is the most unsettling, I think, since THE EXORCIST. Gotham City is convincingly dark and scuzzy, a lot like  New York in the 70's. The whole environment of miserable people losing all empathy is horribly  like the way things are going in RL.
I was shattered.  People have complained that this film will make poor failures like me want to imitate 'Arthur's'  violent rampages. I have to admit that I identified uncomfortably with the character, although I certainly  have no urge to go out and murder random smug,rich people. (I wouldn't mind beating the odd one up, though...)  Brrrr, it was 'orrible!

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