Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Another 'Procedure' Ahoy...

I was so pooped after yesterday's visit to the Vascular clinc that I was ready for my bed by about ten...Sheer 'nerves.'
It seems I have an 'inefficient  valve' in a vein in my groin, and they'll need to sort it out. Fortunately, the much more unpleasant  stripping thing is no longer done, and I should be able to leave on the same day, plus two weeks with the leg bound up...Good news, really, but I've had this problem  for over 20 years, and more recently, (for ten years or so-) it's been bleeding . oozing, hurting and itching. In that time, I've had several screenings; shouldn't they have noticed it?  Grunt.
I'm not coping too well with Inktober prompts, may resort to drawing just anything.
BTW, I'm an old lady, and don't understand... What are hashtags, what do you do, and why? Duh...
Finished watching NOS4A2, which was fair to middling. (The hugeness of Zachary Quinto's head never fails to astonish me-)
CATHERINE THE GREAT started on Sky Atlantic. Excellent cast and lush surroundings, costumes, etc.  Unfortunately, so far, it's pretty dull. The dialogue isn't so absurd it's sublime, like  in VERSAILLES, for instance, just stodgy. Well, it may improve...
There's a dress rehearsal this evening at the Coli (Bugger, I don't like going out at night any more; I much prefer the early shows.) of ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD. Again, not my favourite, but OK; must force myself to go. I've paid for it , after all.


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