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Luckily it was dry enough to work out in the park, and that made me feel considerably better, after the very bad nightmares I had following the endoscopy.
Still have a bit of a sore throat, but quite mild.
They nicked me ('quite rare'...) in the process, and blood came fountaining out as I gagged and gurgled. They kept saying 'You're so brave!', (which, in these situations, of course, means you're a pitiful feeb and they're trying to jolly you along...) They took several biopsies I can fret about until the results come, and say I have a hiatus hernia, my oesophagos is very infamed, there may be an ulcer, etc. etc. Follow-up next month AND probably another camera session in a few months. NOOOO!  I'm going to have to find someone to collect me and get me home, if there is. I want to be knocked senseless if I have to go through that again, so soon. 'Kinell...
I seemed to be dreaming all night, scenes full of stress and horror, about THE END OF THE WORLD. I was trying to get home from work, but the buses had all been changed, and my neighbourhood didn't seem to exist any more, or had moved. People were milling all over the place , bemused and afraid, like me.
The worst bit was when these  three horrible, roaring grebos came along to terrorise everyone. Not only were they violent and evil, they were at least eight feet tall, and moved in a slow, creepy way. They picked up a cute b&w kitten and casually wrung its neck; dereadful.
There was just an enormous amount of misery and fear. Uck!
I started to watch WORLD ON FIRE, but didn't get into it; switched to Netflix and checked out a couple of episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, series seven. Lots of really evil looking clowns and eerie Trump images...not bad, so far.
Inktober tomorrow! Hope I can manage it.
When I enterered the park this morning, half a dozen  Monkey nut-crazed squirrels came running at me. It's usually only one or two at a time. I guess they're fattening up, and hiding stuff, for the colder months. I really like the little sods.
There's a new Flying Tiger shop down at Clapham Junction, yay! M&S has finally reopened, too. No boring clothes, or anything. It's all food. Too expensive for everyday items, of course, but most of it is so nice; lots of veggie and vegan stuff, too.


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