Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dress Rehearsal...

Had no problems  getting there, but it took me over two hours to get home. Evidently Whitehall was closed off most of the morning, and the 87s weren't running. Sooo, I had to get home by three crawling buses, with lots of diverting, gridlocking, etc. FUCK!
I was really not in the mood. I don't know what had been going on, but I guess there had been a demo I didn't know about. I saw an old girl with cardboard placards denouncing Trump and BoJo, and several 'Handmaids' mincing along, but nothing else.
Anyway   Gluck's ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE was sweetly soporific as per usual. It was a nice, soberly  simple production , with Dead Eurydice suspended in an illuminated tank like a Damien Hirst victim. I could have done without some of the flashing video effects that made me have to close my eyes a few times, rather than risk a siezure, although they did look good. There were some gorgeous creamy noises from Alice Coote, although I'd quite like to see a countertenor have a go. The interpreters of the endless soppy dances worked hard, but what can you do?  It's not  one of my favourites, really. I'm looking forward to seeing the revival  of THE MASK OF ORPHEUS, though. I saw it the first time around and was quite intrigued. Philip Glass' take on the Cocteau  ORPHEE should be worthwhile, too.
Watched that Leonard Cohen documentary on BBC2, which was interesting, and now I'm going to bed. Hope I can sleep and don't have endoscopy nightmares.



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