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Bank Holiday Doldrums...

Bah...Humidity, sticky, smelly, sweaty. Nothing on TV, my mad mother on the phone, my mind devoid of coherent creative thought. I'm really fucked up at the moment. I should know better, but when I get like this I always think I'll never be be to do anything decent again.
Saw SPIDERMAN,which is rather good. Tobey Maguire was neat casting as Peter Parker, and the FX were nice. Didn't really care for The Green Goblin, though, bit of a swizz having his appearance be due to 'exoskeleton' armour...JJ Jameson was Top Bitch Vern Shillinger out of OZ, which was rather amusing. He Looked very 'Ditko',too. I also spotted Stan Lee's Alfred Hitchcock moment.

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