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Really going to miss Jon Humphrys on R4 TODAY. Yes , I know he's pretty right-wing, and a great egoist, but I loved it when smug bigwigs  cringed under his determined terrier- assaults. Set me up for the day!
Watched the end of THOSE WHO KILL. It was OK, but would have been much better a few episodes shorter. It was kinda draggy.
Chaotic finale to the PEAKY BLINDERS season. Quite an episode, too. Ha, I knew --------- would be back, but noooooo! ------- is undeniably and reliably dead, and Tommy's right off his head.Roll on next season.
Other highlights of my square-eyed sessions this week included a good documentary anout 'polka dot artist' Yoayoi Susami. It seems she voluntarily lives in a mental hospital, with her studio within walking distance. I think that might suit me nicely, if I could have my own room and cat...
There was also NOMAD,  Werner Herzog's tribute to his friend Bruce Chatwin, which was engrossing, too.

Actually, on the same day, I also saw this man who looked just like Ralph Laurent, all suited and booted, cycling in the park!  Really, WTF?

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