Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Indian Feckin' Summer...

I can't understand why it feels so dreadfully hot to me, especially in the flat, unless it's the sheer strength of the sun. I've still got two or three fans going most of the time.
My leg is really acting up, too. I've self-diagnosed DVT, but I don't  have the clinic appointment until 3 October.
MIDNIGHT COWBOY has been on Netflix, so I re-watched it the other night, and was, I think, more impressed than I was back when I saw it in the cinema.
The grubby, creepy, yet fascinating atmosphere of Times Square in the 60's-70's is quite authentic, and will amaze people who never saw it before it got Disneyfied. The acting of the two leads  is enormously impressive, especially Jon Voigt. I was quite moved by it, really.
I'm having problems downloading doodles again. Mucho annoying.

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