Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Wow, it's suddenly gone rather chilly, dark and blowy, which is OK with me, but a bit of a shock to the system, since it was still summer yesterday. We'll probably have another feckin' heatwave next week.
Decided it was a definite museum/gallery sort of day, so I went to the House of Illustration for the Posy retrospective, which was grand. I saw a couple of women about my age, who seemed familiar, and they smiled at me as if they knew me. I smiled back, but didn't say anything. Hope I didn't actually know them! I seem to be getting more senile by the day. I've also wondered if Ms Simmonds may have seen me somewhere, and unconsciously  modelled Cassandra Darke on me. The resemblance is strong. Just a generinc grumpy old bag, I guess... Anyway, the exhibit was a delight, of course, I especially liked some of her earliest stuff, done when she was still a child, really. She was already better than I'll ever be. I've always admired her way with animals, too; she really can harness the essence of shitting dog, etc.
It's kind of uncanny in the area around the House of Illustration. It's like a whole new town behind King's Cross. Inasmuch as I was ever aware of it at all, it was just a wasteland, until a few years ago. Hipster Central now. Even since the last time I was there, it's grown and changed a lot. There are many new good-smelling and very tempting street food stalls; (four squid for a croissant, six and up for a cheese toastie- gimme a break!)


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