Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Strange Days...

Hmph, I see Boris has adopted a delightful young Jack Russell with a touching hard-luck background. I bet he sent a minion off to Battersea to select a hairy cutie that would make everyone go 'Ahhhh' and and think well, maybe Boris isn't so bad after all. Makes me wanna puke.
Oh well, the dawg will be well cared for (probably by servants) and have a cosy home and regular food.
Later: Astounding scenes, as expected, in Parliament. Perhaps the most memorable image was the loathesome cartoon toff Rees-Mogg lounging languidly across the front bench like some super-decadent Roman; if anyone was just begging for a hot poker up the jaxie...
Looks like Boris is very likely to have the shortest tenancy  ever of No 10, so that's good. The kerfuffle goes on, though.
On the subject of corruption, there was a good documentary on about the noxious antics of Harvey Weinstein, graphically described by some of his victims. Truly barfworthy (and of course, compulsive viewing...)

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