Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sunny September Sunday...

Took advantage of the beauty of the day by going to the Zine Fair at the Horse Hospital. I've always liked it there, but haven't been in a couple of years, now. It has a nice vibe, rather cosy. Not the easiest place to navigate with an old-fart walker, though. As usual, I had virtually no money to spend, which is a pity, as I was quite attracted to some of the stuff, especially a big zine about Tove Janssen. Had to restrain myself. Rachael House and partner Jo David were there, and she had some tempting new stuff,too. It was getting busy, and it's only a wee place, so I didn't stick around. I'm completely unable to carry on the most basic conversation these days, where there's a lot of background noise. I guess I should ask for another hearing check, but the hearing aid they gave me a few years ago, has been quite useless. It just makes the background stuff louder, and I still can't hear what people are saying, clearly. Wah.
As it was so gorgeous out, I took a stroll in Bloomsbury, where I'd still like to live. I want a big ground floor flat in one of those posh Victorian places. Ha, there are probably about three that are ever available, all over 2 million quid...
Had a gawk at the DARK CRYSTAL prequel series, which didn't thrill me. It's lovely to look at, of course, but I find it too twee; definitely 'kid stuff'. I felt the same about the film, which I've never been able to tolerate for more than about ten minutes. Everyone else on earth loves it, though, so I guess it's just one of my blind spots.
New Saturday murder mystery is DARKNESS: THOSE WHO KILL. A bit slow, so far, but quite decent.

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