Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Terribly Tropical...

Ugh, it's hot. Several  more days, at least, of heatwave are coming.  Got my workout done, and came in. I don' t need to go far for the rest of the holiday weekend, so I can keep cool as possible. Finished watching the last series of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, which, like so many wind-up series, wasn't that great, although still better than the usual stuff. I admit I did fill up a couple of times, as well. Great characters.
Managed to do a teeny bit of my clearing out project, but spent most of the day prostrate, drowsily listening to Proust on R4 (I really don't like Derek Jacobi's voice much...)
Spent the evening gawping at TV. Glad Benji survived BENEATH THE SURFACE. I was a bit worried, there.
Also, Dead Cat Trigger on NOS4A2. Damn!
Recorded a film MONSTERS 2, which was more of a military-man tragedy than a horror film, but it wasn't bad. Of course, the first soldier to cop it was the guy with a newborn kid. He was black, and all. Poor bugger never had a chance. It's even more inevitable than killing a cute animal.

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