Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

After The Storm...

Weather wasn't quite so fierce as predicted, but yesterday morning was fairly intense. There weren't any trees down in the park, but one huge branch was blocking a footpath.
I gave in to the temptation to binge on FOSSE/VERDON which was a glitzy showbiz joy. What a flaming prick that man was, though. How did he charm those legions of young dancers (apart from being able to further their careers, of course?)
Speaking of pricks, the late Mr Epstein was obviously a seriously nasty piece of work (although not unattractive-looking in a craggy, silver fox way-). It does seem quite odd that he wasn't on suicide watch , in view of supposedly trying to hang himself less than a fortnight ago...I'm always up for a  good conspiracy theory, and he was certainly on friendly frolicking terms with many celebs and hotshots who may have been concerned about the possibility of his singing when interrogated.
BENEATH THE SURFACE 2 is quite a decent Satudaty  night subtitled thriller. It's not one of the really riveting ones, but sure as hell beats yet more of Inspector Montalbano's cornball cases.



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