Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

EuroMillions Win...

After fervent prayers to St Expedite every week, to let me have a major win, I was granted £7.70  in the Friday draw. Well, better than nowt, eh?
I've had to use the fans a lot, although it's not as hot as it has been. It's to move the damn heavy, humid air a bit. Ugh. There were a lot of showers this morning, so I did some errands, and didn't work out until mid-afternoon, which I hate. Pleased that I made myself do it, though.
I'm all frit about going to the cataract clinic tomorrow, which , of course, is idiotic, as they're not going to actually do anything to me, probably for months, but the whole business gives me 'nerves'. Wibble.
I find Romesh Ranganathan pretty lame as a comedian and columnist, but I do tend to enjoy his MISADVENTURES, as he travels to unusual, intriguing places. This time it was Mongolia...Ulaanbaatar looked utterly horrific; ugly, overcrowded, and possibly the most polluted place on earth. Nightmarish. Out in the wilds it was beautiful, in a harsh way, with a Buddhist site said to be the energy cenre of the world, plus  visits with an eagle-hunter, a semi-pro shaman who works in a beauty parlour by day, and a super-huge statue of Genghis Khan. There are also giant, elegantly carved,
stone willies dotted about the Gobi, their purpose and creators unknown. All pretty cool.
The atmosphere of doom continues, what with the 'double-header' of gun massacres in the States, and that bizarre incident at Tate Modern, where a teenager threw a six-year-old, unknown to him, off the tenth floor viewing platform. The kid landed on a flat roof 'only' five storeys down, and, miraculously, it looks as though he'll probably survive. All so feckin' crazy...


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