Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Summer Slogs On...

Feeling hot again, but breezy and bearable. I've continued to slowwwly  pick out more stuff for the MIND shop, but there never seems to be any less clutter.
Seems there's been another US mass a 'Garlic Festival' ! (Sounds like an event the Simpsons would attend.)
Had no particular desire to watch THIS COUNTRY, but it's always been very well reviewed, and there was nothing else on the other night. I ended up bingeing on both series. It's really quite funny, with a nice melancholy quality. Actually, although I lived in a suburb of NYC, in the olden days, it felt as if you were trapped out in the boonies, like the young dunces in the programme. There was virtually no cultural stimulation, and we all just moped around being gormless.
R Next Door ended up at the police station reporting a woman who threatened her with GBH, on Clapham Common, insisting that R's dawgs had attacked hers. Later on, as R was leaving, she found the woman standing by her car, waiting to give her another mouthful It was dark, by then, with nobody around, and must have been pretty scary... ('She is a great big FAT drunken woman, wiz ENORMOUS BREASTS!')  I don't know how many altercations I've seen in the last couple of weeks. I nearly socked this woman in LIDL, myself. The queue was long, and people were pushing forward. I found myself being shoved up to this full-of-attitude young thing who spat .'You standin' a bit too close to me, invadin' my personal space, yeah.' As if I wanted to! I said I was doing my best, and it would help if she moved up. She flatly refused, of course, saying that she would then be too close to the man in front of her, who was wisely ignorning the whole thing. No point in saying anything else, really., it would have got worse.I just heaved a weary sigh, and forced myself backwards until the woman who was invading my space had to move a bit. Grunt.
There was a good programme about Cindy Sherman on BBC4 last night, showing some more of her Instagram concoctions, Dead frightening.
Also watched HANDMAID'S TALE, which is impoving. I quite like Evil June, and there was a bit of interesting backstory for Aunt Lydia.



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