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Whee, Janacek's powerful GLAGOLITIC MASS is on the Proms, tonight. Haven't heard that in yonks.
Nothing much on TV last night, so I watched I, DANIEL BLAKE, which I'd recorded some time ago, I didn't really fancy it, despite the good crits, because I was expecting it to be worthy, and knew it would probably make  my BP rocket. True, on both counts. It made me very, very angry. Totally realistic. seriously well done. No fun, but should be seen, especially by people who haven't encountered these mundane horrors in their own lives. Grrr!
Another strange day. I feel giddy a lot, which I think might be connected to the humidity, etc. I got out to the park early, and did my 'flailing' before the monsoon hit again. I got wet, of course, going to Clapham Junction, but it wasn't that bad down there, as I just ducked into shops.
I was having a mooch around Waitrose, to see if there was any nice nosh  reduced to a sensible price. There I was accosted by ANOTHER demented woman, who started gibbering on about a phone-on on the radio, where some 90-year old talked about how hard she and her husband had worked to take care of themselves in old age, and the young folks don't understand, and isn't it the truth? (Dunno, I toiled miserably for decades never earning more than enough to survive, much less set money aside-) She went on and on. I couldn't understand all that much of what she was saying, and why meeeee?  I'm one of those people who seems to attract nutters, possibly because they sense that I'm a head case, too....That doesn't mean I want to listen to their  cracked gibberings, though. I've enough of my own, whirling about in my nut.

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