Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Screamin' And Steamin'...

Nice day until the sun broke through with a vengeance. It wasn't that hot, but it just felt so strong, beating down on my dowager's hump as I chugged along.
Is it old age; thinner skin or something, or is sun really much stronger than it used to be?
Sport fanciers are really enjoying this summer. (Excitement over cricket!?)  I remain uninterested.
I watched CLIMAX, a fairly nasty little item. A bunch of annoying young dancers have been booked for a US tour, and meet to celebrate in a creepy  old school. (Actually, it reminded me of the original SUSPIRIA at times; gloomy endless corridors lit in red and green, etc. ) They commenced getting bladdered on sangria, which, unknown to them, had been spiked with superpotent acid. They all go tonto, with lots of GBH-ing screeching, writhing, self-harming, etc. One girl's head goes up in flames, and a child who has been locked in a cupboard by his mother, to keep him safe from the cavortings of the adults, keeps screaming about cockroaches and stuff. When the mother finally comes to let him out, she's lost the key...Then everything goes upside down, and it's kind of stroby, with incessant pounding bass. This gave me a headache, but by then, it was almost over. Not without a few visually impressing moments, but a bit pointless. (It's a Gaspar Noe film, BTW-)  I think I read somewhere that it was based on an actual event in the 90's...I attended one or two parties almost as bad, back in the day, but at least we all got out alive...
Watched the beginning of the last series of POLDARK, which is corny as ever. George Warleggan going mad might be fun, though.


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