Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hot Tempers...

Oh Lordy, it's steamy  and sticky...
Got on the bus to go to Coffee Lovers (It's only a short walk, but I often ride, so I can pick up a METRO on board.)  The bus was wobbling  so that I nearly fell. Then, after one stop, WHAM!!! A fearsome thud... 'Oi,oi,oi!' said everyone, and I thought we were dead. Thank the gods, there were  no injuries, though. What happened was a lorry pulling out banged into us. Well, then, of course, there was the scene with the two furious drivers shouting and swearing and jumping up and down, which looked set to go on for a while, so I desembarked and just walked the rest of the way.
I had my flat white and a sample of nice jasmine tea, wrote my dreams down, and on to LIDL again, to try and score a new  £5.00 shower curtain. (They didn't have any the other day.) I had to pick up some more stuff for R Next Door, too. She's still poorly. The bus driver for the return trip was obviously  on a sweaty short fuse, lurching and banging into every possible pothole, while yelling menaces at everyone else on the road ... 'Get outa there, Man! What you doin'? ' etc. etc. Us poor passengers just hunched apprehensively, clinging to the rails. Didn't help when we passed the floral shrine for the poor cyclist who was killed last week.  This urban summer stuff puts everyone who has to work, or operate/ use public transport into an angry anxiety state. Meh.
Alas, I missed my chance to meet  topnotch cartoonist Carrie McNinch, partly due to the enfeebling weather, partly due to my idiotically scrambling the dates of her Brighton dogsitting visit. I thought I had another week to get it together - Oh,well, next time, maybe.


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