Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Heads Ahoy...

R Next Door said today that she felt like her head was detaching from her body. That's a feeling I often have, especially when I'm very low, like now, and Carrie McNinch  depicts the sensation perfectly in her fine diary comics. Wonder if there's an official name for this 'condition'?
I really have been feeling stranger than usual. Oppressive weather does have a part in it, I believe. Today you could feel the humidity increasing and the clouds seemed to be coming closer ...
There was a spiffing IMAGINE... the other night, about Edna O'Brien, what an interesting life. I didn't know she was an accomplished rock star fucker along with everything else...Of course, she always was very attractive,, and even now, she looks kinda sexy in her 80's. Her plastic surgeon is a fine artist.
I do wish I could win the damn Euromillions, as I really, really need 'work', now.
Here's a blurry lil' selfie in the style of many book jacket portraits, and mature-actor publicity shots. just lean on your hand, tucking up all the jowlwattles, and push up a bit, smoothing the wrinkles. Heh!

Damn, RADIO TIMES is late, this week. Hope someone didn't nick it for the picture of 'Ross Poldark' simmering on the cover...
Saw a bit of an extremely feeble film of MACBETH, starring Jason Connery (!)  Why?


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