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Rather drizzly and  dark this side of the river, but feels blessedly fresher. Looks like it may clear up, soon; hope the weather hasn't impacted too much on the Norf London beano, anyway.
Woke up feeling like utter Hell, as per usual, and didn't think I'd bother exercising. I did the 'I can't go on...I'll go on.'  thing, though, and managed a slightly shortened session in the damp park. So, feel a bit less bad.
Have been watching STRANGER THINGS 3. I watched the first series, but didn't bother with the second. It's a bit YA, really, not dark enough pour moi. I have no interest in any of the characters. Eleven is OK, but her sub-Goonies chums are all really annoying. The adults give me a pain, too. It's still moderately diverting, though; creatures, etc.
The sibling is very pleased with her recent cataract op, for which many thanks to the powers that be.
Virtually all sport bores me, and tennis is one of the worst. The only time I  really watched Wimbledon was when a boyfriend forced me, aeons ago, because of the divaesque performances of John McEnroe, and I found myself really enjoying them...Must say I was also fascinated by the bit I saw of lil' Coco Gauff's unexpected triumph, the other day. Fifteen bloody years old! AND she's good-looking! (Kinda makes you wanna puke...) It will be fascinating to see how far she gets, although it will probably be better for her career and mental health if she gets bumped out this time. Another year or so, and she could probably cope with it more sensibly. She does seem quite mature for her age, though.

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