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I could say I'm bored, but I think it's more depressed, uninspired,talentless...Wah. I could do with some psychedelics, actually. I need to dream,too. I'm remembering hardly anything these mornings, which is a drag. The deeply demoralising state o' the world in general doesn't help, either.
I was going to take Wotan up for his checkup today,but it turns out 'his' vet is on holiday, so I'll wait a couple of weeks... Thus,despite it being another beautiful (still 'too hot'-) day, I did bugger all except a few psychotic not-for-public-consumption watercolours. Now I'm giving in and watching FAME ACADEMY. I have a big Sapphic pash for lil' Alex, and quite like manic ubergeek Peter and leather-lunged oik Barry,too. They're all unusually characterful and quirky for this sort of cheesefest.

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