Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Spooky Stuff...

I've been a bit haunted by that grim  news item about the tragic stowaway who dropped from a plane into someone's back garden, narrowly missing him.
The gruesome event took place on Offerton Road, just a few minutes' walk from here, and very close to the Common. People could easily have been killed. ...What a way to go, smashed by a frozen corpse from the sky!  Never heard any sirens, or anything. The most bizarre things take place, unnoticed by most.
I've also been spooked by another encounter with The Wailing Man, a shambling 'care in the community' type often seen in the local supermarkets. He bawls incomprehensibly into a phone, while ugly-crying CONSTANTLY, tears and snot all over the place. Poor bugger, is that his whole life, suffering like that, or is it some sort of Touretty thing, and he's not really aware of it.?  The latter, I hope. I assume he has someone looking after him, but heaven knows. It bothers me.
It felt hot, but I went to the South Bank to check out KISS MY GENDERS at the Hayward, anyway. I was tired before I got there, trying to get a ramp or lift to go to the right level. That complex is a pretty confusing and inconvenient place to navigate for us gimpy types.  Anyway, the show wasn't bad at all, I wasn't keen on the layouts and the way the labels were posted. The best thing, to my taste was  a weird film, LOONERS, by Jenkin Van Zyl, with a lot of strange-looking characters performing gross S&M rituals and stuff in a bleak environment, often wearing gimp suits and whatnot. Equal parts baffling,funny and frightening. I was impressed, though.


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