Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Watched the creepy Piers Morgan interviewing a psychopath who murdered his four-year-old half sister when he was 13, to avenge what he percieved as bad deeds of his mother. Sad case. The guy is assumed to be so dangerous he has to be spoken to through reinforced glass, like Hannibal
Lecter. Of course, the noxious Morgan,  a  lipsmacking shrink, and  a law enforcer type who gloated over the killer's symptoms, etc. seemed even scarier.
It was all very superficial.
Have been following CATCH 22. Funny, I know I've read the book and seen the film, but can remember absolutely nothing, except The Soldier in White, and the bloke getting cut in half.
Must try and have a good sleep tonight, as tomorrow's superheat is going to be draining.  Nothing like what people in France, etc. have been enduring, though, gods help 'em.
I was intending to go to the NPG for the new Cindy Sherman show, but it started to get hot, so I just poked around in that big junk shop near Brixton Town Hall, and picked up more stuff for R Next Door in  LIDL. The thrill of it all...



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