Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grizzling In The Drizzle...

Well, it was a grim old day, yesterday ; rain  plopped down virtually non-stop. Condolences to those who had to travel. It's good in a way, of course, as it's been so terribly dry, the park is already like a savannah.
I got to thinking about the past, and what an idiotic life I've led. Got very melancholy. Glub.
Better weather today, but still feeling depressed...more so than usual. Bah.
I've been bingeing a bit on SUMMER OF ROCKETS. Only one episode to go. I'm surprised at how intrigued I've been by it. It has the expected  Stephen Poliakoff fabulous environments, indoors and out, but the plot and characters are more interesting than usual.
Also watched first episode of HANDMAID'S TALE 3. OK-ish... Again, very striking images, etc. Don't know yet if it's going to be better than series 2, which just seemed like a lot of repetition, really.  I read somewhere that George RR Martin gave the GOT writers some idea of how the books were going to end up, but a lot of things had already been changed for TV. I wonder if Margaret Atwood gave them the basics of how the imminent sequel will go, or if  the series after One is entirely different? Strange, really.

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