Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bridge In Progress...

Whooo...I managed to exercise, but was feeling very weak and wobbly with dentist fear. Then, on the way, I saw a dead squirrel lying on the pavement, which freaked me out, of course, and seemed a bad omen... However,dentist prepared the teeth for new crowns and I should be fitted for the bridge in a few weeks. Actually, there was no pain, apart from the needle-in-the-gum moment. This new dentist seems pretty good. The numbness is fading now, though.
Anyway, many thanks to well-wishers, Jesus, Saint Apollonia the tooth patron, and all dental godlets.

Caught up with the latest Stephen Poliakoff, SUMMER OF ROCKETS, which is, so far, pretty good. I've never understood why he's so venerated, though. His dialogue is often pretty unrealistic, and  his plots, such as they are, far-fetched (I mean, JOE'S PALACE?) Gimme a break! . The only one I really got
into was that one about the employees of a picture archive (SHOOTING THE PAST) struggling to prevent it being taken over by a tycoon, and that wasn't exactly realistic. His plays always look so splendid, though. Especially the interiors, and often have A list casts. There's something about them that makes them intriguing, for all one's doubts.



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