Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dispatches From Fantasy Lands...

I see there's a new GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS coming up. Hope it's a bit more substantial than  the first one in this series. I believe Rodan and Ghidora are invovled, which whets my appetite.
So, the finale of GAME OF THRONES was decent enough, in my book. The person I expected to end up on the - throne did, and, to my satisfaction, my three top favourites remained alive. The moments that made me drop a tear, though, belonged to Ghost and Drogon. BTW, he/she went AWOL  some time ago. Could that junket perhaps have involved breeding? More dragons! Oh well, it's too early to get all spoilery, so I'll curtail my comments.
Other good watches have been A GERMAN LIFE, the memories of the wonderfully named Brunnhilde Pomsel, an 'ordinary' young German woman, evidently quite apolitical, with a Jewish bestie and much-liked boss, who by various curious chances, ended up working in Goebbels' office, with virtually no notion of what was actually going on. She maintained that the majority of people had little idea of what the Nazis were doing, and if/when they did get suspicious,were too scared to object. I tend to believe her. She was over 100 when the film was made, and has since died; what did she have to gain by lying? Plenty of food for thought, anyway.
Also watched a Netflix biog of writer Joan Didion, which was absorbing.
Been dipping into old DEADWOOD episodes on Netflix, now and then. It holds up very well, with fabulously unpleasant, yet  often endearing characters, and wonderfully poetic dialogue. (The swears and insults are of famously Shakespearean quality.)

Back in the real world, the hose on my Hoover has split. FUUUUUUUUCK!!!

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