Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Ain't It Grand?

Annoying dealings with practise nurse I've been trying to ring back for a week about my bloody compression stockings that I hate so much.
Then I had a 19th nervous, trying to use the damn checkout in Sainsbury's. Such a faff. I usually avoid them, as they may put people out of work, anyway.
Caught up with YEARS AND YEARS, which is terrific, so far. Scary, too. It feels uncomfortably real. The 'trans' girl with the filters, etc, was freaking me out. I can see it coming to that  in not too long.
I watched LA LA LAND, managing to stay awake only by viewing it in about six chunks throughout the week. Can't  imagine why people found it so delightful. BORING.
Took a turn round Whole Foods to see if there was anything I fancied at a reasonable price. No, but there were some samples to be had. I tried a wee piece of quinoa bread, and it was unspeakably noxious. About £4.00 for a loaf, too. Gods, it was nasty.
It's turned all chilly and dank again, too. Supposed to be the same tomorrow, then warming up a bit. Weird, weird, weird.
My poor sister has a collapsed vertebra, it seems, and must have surgery. She's in Amerika, of course, so I pray their insurance covers most of it. The NHS may be shite, but  the horror of having to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt just for an everyday  procedure and a couple of days in hospital, is hanging over everyone, every day, in the good ol' USA. 

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