Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

King's Landing Collapses...

The penultimate episode of GAME OF THRONES was  a real thriller, with knockout spectacle. On the other hand, this season has all felt very rushed and carelessly cobbled together, as many viewers have complained.  Lost two more of my  favourite characters, as Dany continues to wig out.
I wonder if George R R Martin will ever actually finish the books? After all, they've all been best sellers, and he was a popular writer before the ICE AND FIRE series, plus he must have made zillions for the TV rights, etc. He doesn't need to write any more, unless he really feels inspired.
I watched THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, which I found rather difficult to understand, especially with the two blonde women and the men all being very similar 'types'. Senility creeps on.
Continuing to fret glumly about Brexit, and the best way to vote tactically. Heaven help us.
I tried to eat a Quorn lasagne ('New improved recipie' !) which was on a reduced price. I managed about three forkfuls before I puked. It was VILE. I quite like Quorn hot dogs, though.



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