Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Good Friday...

People keep bitching about the huge sums donated by the mega-rich to restore Notre Dame, while people are starving and suffering all over the world. Of course, it must be rebuilt, like Petra, the giant Buddhas, etc. These are meaningful, universal symbols of  the human spirit...Yet, why  DON'T  the obscenely wealthy  put more of the money they'll never need into feeding and housing the destitute and displaced?  Surely it could be done, without that much difficulty, even. There are so many people sitting on billions.
Wathed the Richard Attenborough  climate change  programme, which of course, was tragic and terrible. I do the best I can, recycling and all that stuff; I expect a lot of people do, but everyone needs to...and big business most of all, but I can't see the tycoon contingent doing anything, and we're all doomed...
I remember Good Friday as being kind of 'special'  when I was a kid. The shops would close before noon, and you were supposed to keep 'three hours' silence' until three, and meditate upon the grisly torments of Jesus, and how it was All Your Fault. It was enjoyable, in a strange way, though.
Now it's just another holiday, and shopping frenzy day.
The climate protestors are still at it, and I really admire the civilised, sensible way they've been acting and speaking, although it's greatly inconvenienced me,  and is even worse for those in work, more disabled than I am, trying to get around with small kids, etc.
Need I say that the lift is still not working, and it will now be Tuesday, at least, before the contractors come. Bah.



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