Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sunny Sunday...

It really was lovely outdoors this morning. One of those days I actually enjoy working out. It was still chilly, but so bright and crisp. R's dogs were going nuts, running around, rolling in the grass, etc. The squirrels and crows were hoppin', and it was really nice.
I meant to return to my sorting out of  stuff, then, but didn't get very far. I just dossed about and watched stuff on TV.
I'm disappointed in how FATHER, MOTHER ,SON  is going. The first episode was so very mad, I thought we were headed for David Lynch territory, but unless it perks up considerably in the next two chapters, it's just a glossy soap.
What I've seen of that Janet Baker programme on BBC4  was very interesting. I'll have to catch the rest tomorrow. (It was on opposite LINE OF DUTY)
She seemed rather a deep, decent person, though, which quite surprised me. I always thought she seemed kinda uptight, and up herself. She never acknowledged us peons at all. Once she wanted to use the phone, and had to be escorted in by a stage manager, because,( I assumed), she didn't want to lower herself to speak to us...Stupid of me, but when you're a rock bottom minion, the upper crust acknowledging you as an actual human being, is weirdly important.


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