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Still feeling gloomy about  how London has lost so much of its charm, for me. Earlier in the week, I'd had another hassle trying to get into an exhibit at Tate Modern. I gave up and had a look at All Hallows by the Tower. It was pretty much destroyed in  the War, and though well restored, it  didn't feel very numinous. I didn't go into the crypt, as I had my trolley, and there didn't seem to be much of interest, down there.
I passed by a pub, The Hanged Drawn and Quartered, near where Pepys watched an execution, and famously commented that the victim seemed remarkably cheerful, all things considered. It seemed a bit of a tourist trap.
The misery of getting around has been increasing for ages, due largely to the dreadful CrossRail mess, which, like Brexit, looks set to drag on forever.
Characterful shops and cafes have vanished, often to be replaced with boring franchises.
I do still admire the dignified old buildings in the BM area. A lot of them are B&Bs, but some appear to be genteel flats, still. I still want to live there. They look so cosy and  full of history. (So many interersting characters lived around there.)
It was a dull enough day; quite chilly in the park this morning. Saw R Next Door, but she just ignored me. In one of her  moods, I guess.
Once again, I actually made a little progress in clearing out old papers. Yay.

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