Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Rough Stuff...

Really sorry that RIDING THE STORM has finished. I was so into that. Hope it's not too long a wait to the next series.
It's been a pretty hairy week around here...Cop cars charging around all the time. I saw one bloke being arrested just across the road, with police  looking around in his car. Then Saturday, a teenager who lives in the other tower was involved in a car chase and sped into the estate, fortunately without killing anyone. R Next Door saw it all. This time, the car was investigated by a sniffer dog, and the boy was taken away, handcuffed.
THEN there was the murder oppostive Clapham Common Tube, a man was stabbed to death in his car, and the perpetrators are still on the loose. Damn scary...


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