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Must say this was considerably better than I'd expected, although it could have been fifteen minutes or so shorter, I think. The sets and lighting were eerily grungy as required. and there was a rather spectacular cast including several  toprankin'  ENO sopranos, and the still-sturdy Alan Opie as the Pathologist.
Unfortunately, I couldn't understand a word of the libretto, except for when a traumatised copper staggered on, bawling 'MURDER!!!' in a stentorian tenor. (Giggle.) Where I was sitting, I couldn't read the surtitles, either, so that was a drag. The atmosphere and acting were very effective all around, though.
It was really nice to see Josephine Barstow on the Coli stage again, charismatically febrile as ever. Other bigtime crowdpleasers were Lesley Garrett,  Susan Bullock, Janis Kelly, and current young diva Natalya Romaniw.  The music was,  again, more interesting than I'd expected, with some quite moving moments, especially the quartet for  the spirits of the first four victims, leading to the hard-hitting finale. Definitely worth checking out, if you get the chance.
It went down very well with the audience, including the now- established balcony full of school kids.( Boy, I wish we'd had opportunities like that when I was a young 'un.)
Afterwards, I mooched at Cass Arts and Watkins, but avoided blowwing any money, then off home, where I managed to force myself to work out, and then collect the laundry. Hey ho.


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